Stay aware of Runway Trends With This DIY Suede Patch Bag

Sacks are one of my most loved things to DIY, on the grounds that little subtle elements can go far - more often than not you'll need a basic pack or tote with one strong detail. It could be the shading, the state of the pack, or, for this situation, the span of the pocket. Today we're DIYing a chic softened cowhide fix sack, straight from runway style. Softened cowhide and calfskin can demonstrate each check you make, so take after along to see our mystery tip for sewing this material.

Materials and Tools:
  • suede (two colors)
  • leather straps
  • packaging tape
  • ruler
  • leather scissors
  • cutting mat


1-Overlap your softened cowhide into equal parts; then follow and removed a long rectangle. The size is your decision - our own was 14 x 17 inches. 

2-Removed a littler square from your second softened cowhide texture - our own was 9 x 9 inches. 

3-Locate the focal point of your softened cowhide rectangle and tape the calfskin square to the front. Sew around three sides to make a pocket. 

4-Crease the softened cowhide with the great sides confronting in, measure three creeps from the overlay, and draw a line with chalk. Sew down both sides of the sack until you achieve the chalk line. 

5-Pull the overlap on the base of the pack internal to meet the beforehand sewn lines on the sides of the sack. Tape the wrinkle set up and after that sew each of the four edges. 

6-Turn the sack right side out and tape on your cowhide straps. Sew the straps on by taking after the edge of the cowhide and making a long rectangle of lines.

The route to this pack is getting a solid piece of mollified cowhide. For our base mollified cowhide, we used the back of a touch of calfskin. Overlay the surface down the center (the base is the place the wrinkle is), and expelled a considerable rectangle. Our own particular think 14 x 17 inches.

Removed a littler square of your second calfskin texture. Our square measured 9 x 9 inches.

Locate the focal point of the front board of your expansive rectangle, and utilize bundling tape to hold the softened cowhide square set up.

Sew along three sides of the square, leaving the top edge open to make a pocket.

Overlap your piece back to front and measure three crawls from the base. Add a bit of tape to hold both softened cowhide pieces set up. Sew down the two sides of the sack until you achieve the chalk line.

Squeeze the base crease to meet the arrangement of lines. Tape the overlay together to hold the squeeze set up.

Sew the squeezed edges until you achieve the beforehand sewn line on both sides of the pack.

Tada! Look at that executioner base segment of your new calfskin fix pack!

Sliced your calfskin straps to your coveted length and tape them three creeps from the sides of the sack.

Sew the straps on by taking after the edges of the cowhide and making a long rectangle.

This pack is about the materials. The more you put resources into better quality textures and cowhides, the more chic your fix sack will be.

I'll be taking this one home - much obliged!

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden

Photography: Chris Andre

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