My name is Alex and I am a weaving band fanatic. On the off chance that I see one at a Thrift Store, I need to get it. 

Display A.

What does one do with bounteous measures of weaving loops? Well what about make a hanging grower for your back deck. 

I took a white bowl, a solitary weaving loop and my most loved perpetual sticky paste.

I put the paste on the base of the bowl where it met the circle, pushed down and after that it dry overnight in a Disney on Ice pail I stole from my more established girl's room.

Included a plant. 

Also, you have yourself an entirely cool hanging grower.

That does a great deal of turning in the wind.

What amount did this cost me? 

Weaving band – $.50 pennies 

Bowl – $1.25 

E6000 stick – pre-claimed (approx $5 plus or minus) 

Plant – $1.99 (called the Rosy Glow Sedum) 

For a great aggregate of $4.22, assessments included. 

In case you're stressed over the solidness of the E6000 stick and are considering "alright that bowl is quite recently going to come smashing down", here is a case of where I stuck a weaving loop around a glass globe for a hand crafted feathered creature feeder a year ago. That flying creature feeder hung outside through a Canadian Summer, Fall and Winter despite everything I couldn't have pried off that circle with a crowbar in the event that I attempted. This is a decent glue and my go to for any significant changeless paste ventures. 

Concerning alternate loops, I have such a large number of tasks coming up that I have to do with them since we've moved that gathering from capacity canister to capacity receptacle in our storm cellar such a variety of times that it's about time that they get put to great utilize. 

Presently get outside this end of the week in the event that you can! Spring is at last here in our locale so cheers to cultivating season beginning. 


I've had a few request about regardless of whether to have a seepage opening for the plant pot. So on the off chance that you are worried about that you have a few choices before you make this. 

– Use a plant pot that has a waste plate at the base. 

– Drill an opening into the base of the bowl/pot that you are utilizing. 

– Place a layer of stones or shakes under the plant soil to make a water store for the abundance water. 

A great deal of this relies on upon the plant you pick, where you live and the atmosphere in your general vicinity, and in addition in the event that you will be hanging the grower inside or outside. Satisfy that that into thought when making it.


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