DIY Embroidery Hoop Wall Hanging: Holiday Thrift Store Challenge


For my venture I chose to hit Goodwill first however after two unique ones I proceeded onward lastly scored at my neighborhood Habitat Restore. When I pulled up to the store they had quite recently put out boxes and boxes of texture on the walkway for $1 per yard! I got a few yards that I knew I could use in my Christmas stylistic theme this season including this white texture. 

When I was perusing inside I additionally discovered this mammoth weaving circle for $3 and I knew it had potential! I mean individuals do some innovative undertakings with these things isn't that right? At that point just before I cleared out (really I had effectively looked at) I saw this naval force blue yarn for $1.25 so I got a couple and looked at… .AGAIN. 

In the event that you can't as of now tell, I'm running with a nautical Christmas subject this year and I discovered this charming saying on Pinterest! Is it true that it isn't fun and appealing? My adoration for beach front stylistic theme is unquestionably turning out once more. You can look at a year ago's Organic Coastal Home Tour here. 

So this is what I did: I shower painted the band gold, fit the texture into the loop and laid out my yarn where I thought I would begin the words. When I had a beginning stage I gradually hot stuck the layout of the letters (maybe a couple letters at once) and after that tenderly pushed the yarn into the paste. 

When it was finished I hot stuck the gold starfish that I had in my office to the circle, got some twine to hang it up and included the decoration that I additionally made out of the yarn. I took after this instructional exercise on the off chance that you need to perceive how I made the decorations. Gee… I see another festoon in my future!! 

I just got this glass and mirror bureau from my folks (they wiped out their stockpiling holder and offered a few things they would not like to me! whoopee!) and I anticipate utilizing it for occasion engaging/capacity.

I hauled out a portion of the adornments I made a year ago and filled my mollusk shell bowl. I think the glass, gold and mirrors are so entirely together. 


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