Venture Up Your #Shoefie Game With These 4 Sandal DIY Hacks

OMG. Shoes! Indeed, really, shoes! From the Fenty Collection (Rihanna's Puma collab) to the Mercedes Castillo stacked petal shoes, summer footwear is getting a noteworthy overhaul. This season, it's about making your feet feel favor new with some genuine shoe embellishments. We're giving you four simple hacks to help you prepare for a definitive #shoefie summer. Along these lines, get your strips, quills, and unsettles, warm up your heated glue firearm, and perused on!

Materials and Tools:
  • sandals
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • feather trim
  • satin ribbon (size and color depends on sandal strap and preference)
  • ruffle trim (size and color depends on sandal strap and preference)
  • scissors
  • needle and thread

Yellow Ruffles

I don't think about you, however I'm REALLY feeling the smooth yellow nowadays. This is likely the most effortless DIY of the considerable number of shoes hacks. All you need is some unsettled trim, scissors, and a heated glue weapon.


1-Measure and cut your trim.

2-Glue the top of the trim to the top edge of your sandal strap. Go slow to make sure it’s as straight as possible.

3-Repeat with a second layer of trim (depending on the width of your sandal strap).

4-Let the glue cool and they’re ready to rock!

Pink Feathers

Get a super high-fashion look at the DIY price with this version of summer sandals. Your very own custom pair of feather sandals gives Miu Miu and Alexander Wang a run for their money.


1-Measure and cut your feather trim to the length of your strap. Adhere with glue.

2-Cover the edge of the trim and any additional straps with ribbon in a corresponding color.

3-You can always add additional rhinestone embellishments, as long as it will stay with the hot glue. The possibilities are endless!

Blue Satin Bows

These ballet-inspired sandals are for the romantic in all of us. I found the silkiest, most satin-looking ribbon for this pair. I used a cross strap for the base, which added a more dynamic look.


1-Measure and cut your ribbon for the bottom strap.

2-Fold over the ends of the ribbon and glue to the base of the strap. 

3-This will ensure clean edges at the base of the straps.

4-For the bow, cut two equal length of ribbon. You’ll want to make sure they’re much longer than the strap. The more length you have, the easier it will be to make a bow. You can always trim the excess off later.

5-Fold over and glue one piece of ribbon to opposite bases of the top strap.

6-Wrap them under the strap once to cover any of the original coloring.

7-Tie the ends into a knot at the center of the strap and glue the center of the bow in place.

8-Tuck the ends back into the center knot and glue down into the center knot. Trim any excess to make the bow your size.

9-Give that bow an extra zhush and you’re all set.

Stacked Petal Sandals

I was obsessed with Mercedes Castillo’s stacked petal shoes (Odalia Shoes [$425]). It would be impossible to recreate these masterpieces, but if you’re okay with seeing the hand of the artist, one can definitely DIY a similar look. It takes a ribbon, scissors, glue, needle, thread, and a little bit of patience.


1-Accordion your ribbon with one-inch folds. I used a one-yard piece for each sandal.

2-Sew one end together of your accordion ribbon.

3-Cut a half moon arc on the loose end of the ribbon. Go slowly, using the previous piece as your guide.

4-Repeat for the second sandal.

5-Fan out the petals, glue the base to your sandal strap, and you’ll be ready to go!

These shoes are ready for their close-up.

Photography: Kurt Andre           by:  Lindsay Saito

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